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Work with Boxer Insurance Services from Encino, California to find the right policy. We can custom design a comprehensive disability insurance policy to fit your individual needs! Many studies say that Americans may have a long-term disability before the age of 65, so this along with your health insurance is necessary. If you are looking for disability insurance advice contact Boxer Insurance Services  in Encino California for the latest plans, pricing  and  current Covid  underwriting guidelines.

Get a Custom Designed Insurance Policy

  • Individual Disability: Used to replace lost income if you are disabled or cannot work due to an injury or illness. We can custom design a California disability insurance policy to fit your individual needs. There are 2 types of individual disability insurance policies: long-term and short-term. There are also life insurance policies with disability riders attached!
  • Group Disability Insurance: Employers may want to consider investing in group disability insurance, as this can provide coverage for employees who can no longer work. We can help our clients examine their options and determine which one would work best for their unique needs.
  • Chronic Illness Insurance: Chronic illnesses can be incredibly expensive to manage, and often times your standard insurance policy won’t cover most of the costs. You can add a chronic illness long term rider to your life insurance so that you can take advantage of some of your policy’s funds early. We can help you determine if this is the right option for you and assist with your needs.

 Basic forms of disability insurance include Private Individual Disability Income benefits, Social Security Disability benefits, and Employer Paid Group Disability benefits. 

Reach Out to a Disability Insurance Agent Today!

Let our Seasoned disability insurance agent explain the different options you have. Our goal is to ensure you are covered with the right type of benefits for the correct amount of time. Don’t settle for less than the best and allow our disability insurance agent to assist you in preparing the best plan for you. Call Boxer Insurance Services today!

As a leading disability insurance agency based  in Encino, CA, we offer plans nationwide including Los Angeles, Calabasas, Burbank, Santa Clarita, Studio City, and Westlake Village. 


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