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Encino & Los Angeles California Annuities


Consider Annuities when developing your long term financial plan. Annuities give you the opportunity for lifetime income and tax-deferred earnings. Our advisors at Boxer Insurance Services can assist you in mapping out your retirement strategy and educate how annuities can help enhance your financial security.

Annuities Protection in Encino & Los Angeles California

Annuities can be classified in different ways and categories. Some of these ways include: the purpose of the annuity, pay-out, tax status, & how the premium is paid.

  • Immediate Annuities - For a specified time period or for the rest of your life, you can use an immediate annuity for regular income. Immediate annuities are single payment annuities. A large sum of cash can be used for income for a specific time frame. These are not intended to offer liquidity or growth.
  • Income Annuities - An annuity that is fixed or variable paying a certain monthly or annual amount. Income annuities are usually purchased in a lump sum and are used to provide a stable income for retirement thru lifetime. At death The income can be passed to a surviving spouse for the remainder of their life. Fixed Index Annuities have become very popular,especially among people over 50.
  • Deferred Annuities - This annuity will begin payments from a specific date. Usually these are purchased with periodic payments or sometimes a single lump sum payment. These payments are typically made while the insured is working (accumulation phase) in order to receive payments during their retirement (distribution phase).
  • Fixed Annuities - This annuity is used for retirement or savings for long term investors that want to have the stability of a fixed interest rate, or link to an Index crediting method, without the risk of market volatility so that they'll never lose any of the principal. A fixed or Fixed- Index annuity will provide steady and guaranteed growth with the tax-deferred benefit.
  • Variable Annuities - With a variable annuity, the insurance company pays periodic payments to you either now or at a future date. The insured might see higher growth from a variable annuity,but will also be at risk from market changes. Variable annuities will vary with the performance of the investment options that are chosen.