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Looking for life insurance PLANS in Encino, CA serving Southern California and Nationwide?

Work with a professional life insurance agent at Boxer Insurance Services! The right life insurance policy will usually depend on your particular needs. Whether you are looking to provide Protection for your Loved ones, benefits for your Family or employees, pay off a home loan, have funds for payment of college expenses, or early retirement Strategies, we can help you find the right policy. When searching for life insurance companies, meet up with our experienced agents in the Encino, CA area. We will provide you with professional solutions ,and customized options at  affordable prices!

What Is Life Insurance for?

  • Protection for Loved ones:  Leave a tax free inheritance for your family and loved ones to help ease the financial burden when you have passed away or became Chronically ill.
  • Business and Group Benefits: Insurance for your employees and their family, or for owners, partners, executives and key personnel.Use the Insurance as incentives or cash bonus plans.
  • Mortgage Protection: With mortgage protection, your family will be unburdened by mortgage debt should you die prematurely, become terminally ill, or suffer from a chronic illness or critical illness.
  • College Planning: Life insurance can build cash value when structured properly!
  • Long Term Care and Disability: Life Insurance can help cover the costs of assistance with disability, Long Term care needs, or a Chronic or Critical illness.
  • Retirement and Estate planning: Life Insurance can supplement your retirement income, and help pay estate taxes and expenses thru a single policy or a second to die survivors policy.

The most common types of life insurance are Term (10-35 year periods) and Permanent (Whole life & Universal life). Term insurance is the most affordable coverage and only pays if a death occurs during the policy term. The main 2 types of Permanent life insurance are whole life and universal life. Cash value life insurance is Permanent  insurance that can help build cash savings. Term Insurance can be paid monthly, quarterly, semi annually or annually. Term Policies do not build cash value but may offer disability. Permanent policies can be funded with one Single Premium, or paid over 7,10, or 20 years, or paid through your lifetime. Employers may offer group life insurance to their workers. Our company can help both individuals and business owners alike with their insurance needs by explaining the best options available and assisting them with obtaining coverage.

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